Tool Shed Blueprints – Plans To Build Your 8×10 Outdoor Shed

Would you like to build a tool shed in your backyard? Once you have proper tool shed blueprints, it isn’t that difficult to build your own shed workshop.

Shed Blueprints 8×10
Tool shed blueprints 8x10 framing

Shed Plans 12×16
Tool Shed Blueprints 12x16

Let us go over the steps involved in building a tool shed.

How to use tool shed blueprints correctly

  • Select the right shed building blueprints. You can find many tool shed blueprints at your local DIY store. There are also many books and magazines available which contain garden shed blueprints.
  • Downloading the shed blueprints from the internet can however save you a lot of time. Also you will get a much wider variety of shed blueprints to choose from.
  • Visit your local building department and check if you need any special construction permit for building the tool shed. The shed blueprints should give you all the measurements and details needed for filling out the paperwork needed.
  • Decide on your budget. The wood shed blueprints should contain a complete list of materials needed for construction. Take this list to you local lumberyard and check the prices of the various items mentioned in the blueprints. Also take into consideration the price of delivering the items if you would have the store deliver the items to the building site. This will help you properly estimate the cost of constructing the shed.

How To Prepare the Shed Construction Site

  • Gather all the tools and equipment needed for construction. Lay down the electric lines, the plumbing and other services like cable and internet if you would need those too for your shed before you start work on the shed foundation.
  • To construct the shed foundation, begin with the footings. The footings carry the whole weight of the shed and must be capable of withstanding rain, wind and snow. Check that the ground is level using a spirit level. Obey the building guidelines for footing depth and grade of wood to be used in the footing supports and the size of the footings.
  • If there is a tendency for water to get collected on the site where you are going to build the shed, dig out drains around the ground to redirect the water. If water gets collected beneath your shed foundation it will start rotting the wood and threaten the integrity of the shed. You could also build a slope into the ground to direct the water away from the shed base.

Steps For Building Your Tool shed

  • After considering and comparing the prices of various types of lumber at the store, order the lumber which best suits your budget. Have them cut the lumber into the right size pieces you would need for construction. Your tool shed blueprints will help you find out the measurements and angles of the various components needed.
  • Get the store to deliver the lumber directly to you construction site and have it all arranged together so that all the pieces are handy as and when you need them during construction. This will save you a lot of time and efforts which would otherwise be spent is searching for the right piece of wood when the need arises.
  • Stick to the instructions in the tool shed blueprints and build the shed workshop.

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