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Have you found the perfect storage shed blueprints and constructed a storage shed to hold you gardening equipment and tools? Is your garden shed an eyesore? Maybe it sticks out from the landscape and takes away the beauty from your garden. Here are a few tips to make you garden shed blend into the landscape.

The very first thing you can do is to paint it. If the shed is wooden, it would be easy to paint. Look around your garden and find out the most dominant colors.

If there are many red and yellow flowers in your garden, you can choose a shade of orange to paint the shed. A dark green color will allow the shed to blend with the lawn and the surrounding foliage.

Before you go and actually paint the whole shed, paint some pieces of wood with the color you intend to use and stand them up right next to it. Notice how the color blends in with the surroundings. If you don’t like it, experiment with different colors and try to find the best match. Don’t forget to refer to your storage shed plans.

Enhance Your Wood Shed Blueprints Even More

The exterior walls of the shed may be bare. You could buy some pieces of garden art from your local garden store and complement the theme of your garden.

You can also buy some antique gardening equipment from garage sales and prop them up against the outer wall of your shed to break the sight of the bare walls. This will also add a special appeal and interest to the garden.

If there aren’t many flowering plants near your wooden garden shed, you can think of planting a few such plants to enhance the beauty of your shed. Plant the shrubs near the outer edges of your shed to add to the color of your shed.

Just a few potted plants with beautiful flowers placed right next to your shed can make a big difference. If the shed has eaves jutting out, you can hang some baskets with flowering plants or connect planters to the exterior of the shed. Make sure the shed receives enough sunlight on the side where the planters or plant baskets are attached.

After you have painted your shed, planted flowering plants around it the proper positions and even affixed some garden art to the walls, it will no longer look like just another ordinary storage shed. It will be charm of your garden and a beautiful addition to the landscape.

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